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Cover Image for AI Hype Train is Evolving to Hardware
·3 mins to read

The AI Hype Train is Evolving to Hardware your handheld device can now learn like you do 👇 In this article we Unbox the Future With The Rabbit R1 and Its Implications for AI-Powered Gadgets

Cover Image for Secure Web Authentication: Supabase CSRF+JWTs vs Firebase JWTs ⚔️
·8 mins to read

This article aims to provide a clear understanding of both, aiding anyone who is either running a small software startup or oversees an entire enterprise, in choosing the right security approach for their web applications.

Cover Image for Increase ChatGPT's Context Window with JSON Minification
·3 mins to read

Minifying 100 lines of JSON saves 500 😳 OpenAI tokens. We minify to save unnecessary tokens: a JSON file with 100 lines unminified costs roughly 500 tokens...

Cover Image for Bulk up 💪 Your Prompts by 30%
·7 mins to read

The purpose of this article will be to provide you things you can do today to improve your output quality by 30% or more. Let’s start with an example

Cover Image for Our Invisible Guardians — Cloudflare Turnstile vs. Google reCAPTCHA
·3 mins to read

A Tale of Innovation, Privacy, and the Future of Digital Security

Cover Image for LatestEval Uncontaminated Language Model Evaluation Breakthrough
·5 mins to read

In a groundbreaking approach to language model evaluation, LatestEval addresses the pervasive issue of data contamination. This innovative system, developed by Yucheng Li and colleagues from the University of Surrey and the University of Manchester...

Cover Image for Harnessing the Power of Neural Networks Across Industries
·3 mins to read

Dive into the transformative impact of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) in fields ranging from finance to technology, to manufacturing. Discover their dynamic learning abilities and data-driven insights.

Cover Image for OpenAI Is Coming For Our Livelihood- The SaaS Model Transformation
·5 mins to read

If you’re familiar with the Software as a Service (SaaS) model,  like shelling out a monthly fee for Adobe’s suite  or binging shows on Netflix,  you’ve seen firsthand how these services are more than just tools; 🤔 they’re gatekeepers of user experience and data 😲. But what happens when a new player like OpenAI enters the ring? Let’s unpack this 👇

Cover Image for Turning News Into Socially Shareable Art with The AI Triad
·5 mins to read

Ever found yourself scrolling endlessly through a cascade of news articles? ...each one, clamoring for your ‼️attention‼️ with the urgency of a Times Square billboard? Well today we're going to transform this wave of text into relevant, digestible, shareable visual snapshots.